Monday, September 19, 2016

Reseller premium account.

This web site is a Reseller premium account.

Step 1.
Please register your account in

Step 2.
Click this link below payment for credit card (If you sent money by paypal you not get premium account)

Step 3. please choose packet you need.
Product detail 1 price 30 day 10.99 Euro.
Product detail 2 price 60 day 19.99 Euro.
Product detail 3 price 90 day 26.99 Euro.
Product detail 4 price 180 day 50.99 Euro.
Product detail 5 price 365 day 85.99 Euro.

Step 4. Please fill in all required information. And then press Process to chekout

Step 5. Please login by Guest check-out. And press Pay

Step 6. Please select payment method by credit card only

Step 7. Please fill in all required information(e-mail have to like a e-mail your in And then press pay now

Step 8. If your succeed process. Please waiting few minute we are upgrade premium to you.

Step 9. If more than 1 hrs. Please contact to e-mail :

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